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This site presents written and photographic works by John Lesage. A Country without Memory is available as a book-length work. The book is a literary-historical travelogue based on a winter road trip from Seattle to the East Coast in 2007. The photography on this site presents a sample from travels across four continents through more than two dozen countries.
A Country without Memory, the author borrowed the provocative eye of Henry David Thoreau, and sought out sites of historical significance, where stories are most often distorted. Curiosity about the legacy of John Brown led him to Kansas as well as Harpers Ferry. The work developed into a short anecdotal history of racial relations in the U.S. However, visits to Bretton Woods and Jekyll Island also prompted him to investigate the history of money.
Written in the same spirit as Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, or James Loewen's Lies my Teacher Told me, A Country without Memory will delight anyone fascinated with American history, yet frustrated with common portrayals.

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