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Rarely does a work manage to add a new layer of texture to the well-trodden territory of American history, but that is exactly what Lesage has done. By visiting the sites where our history was made, he has united place, person and event in a unique way. His observations of history have clearly benefited from his first-hand experiences, and through his writing, so do we. A Country without Memory is a true delight to read. 

Soph Jones

A Country without Memory transcends genre. It opens as a travel memoir, but has none of the self-aggrandizing tone of personal exploration. In fact, precisely the opposite. Lesage peels away (or sometimes hacks with a machete) the protective layers over the true history of these United States. In a non-chronological exploration, readers' minds are opened to the foundations of the country that patriots have tried to forget. His commentary is often light-hearted, cruelly honest at times, but utterly enlightening. A must-read for every justice-minded American.

Letitia Harmon, author of Heatherstone

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." These powerful words heralded the birth of the United States. But how true were those words, at the moment they were spoken, and in moments since?
        Lesage takes us on a road trip down the highway of American history. But viewing history through the prism of race relations and racial politics changes the familiar signposts on these roads. His iconoclastic wit and ferocious inquisitiveness require a posting for Traffic Revision Ahead.
        Buckle your seatbelt. This will be quite a ride.

Peter Darling, author of Winter Republic